Who We Are

QED Hospitality is a restaurant operations management group, focused on running Food & Beverage operations in boutique hotels nationally.

We bring our operational acumen to the table, developing and managing restaurants tailored to the hotel, the region and the demands of the market. These are not cookie cutter concepts, but true restaurants born of the region and based on our history.

Emery Whalen and Brian Landry

Brian Landry, Chef/Owner

Brian Landry is a New Orleans native, passionate chef, supporter of regional foodways, and dedicated conservationist of Gulf seafood. His passion for local seafood began in childhood, the result of frequent and enjoyable family fishing trips. Now, Brian pays homage to Louisiana’s coastal, indigenous cuisine by cooking with the freshest local ingredients. Previously, Brian worked as head chef and spokesperson for the Louisiana Seafood Board, and spent five years as the executive chef at the New Orleans institution Galatoire’s. In 2011 he opened his own restaurant, Borgne, a CBD seafood hotspot that celebrates the richness of Louisiana's waterways. As Chef/Owner of QED, Brian oversees all operations and the expansion of the brand with business partner Emery. Brian lives in New Orleans with his wife and three children.

Emery Whalen, CEO/Owner

Emery Whalen was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, where the city’s rich culinary traditions and her grandmother’s cooking inspired a passion for both food and the preservation of the region’s indigenous culture. After graduating from Princeton, Emery joined TeachNOLA to teach French and Spanish to high school students before becoming a hostess at Restaurant August in 2010. She spent the next few years moving up in the company, becoming an integral part of the company's operations. With partner Brian Landry she founded QED Hospitality. Emery has been named a Forbes "30 Under 30" and lives in New Orleans with her husband and their dog, Sugar.